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  • Story of a '59

    WOW--Bought an Epiphone Classic quilt top a few weeks ago just to toy with. Don't know why as I've had two Epi Les Pauls before and they both had miserable action and sounded lousy. This one felt like my 75 Custom. Put my first '59 in this guitar in the bridge (new) with an old Dimarzio Super II I had laying around from about 1980 (not the year of production but the year I bought it).

    I didn't really know what you guys meant by "chime" or "quack" until I installed this pickup. I swear this thing sounds just like Jimmy Page at the Garden. It mixes real nice with the super II for the bridged pickup sound for that outta phase thing and it rips for classic distortions up to pretty much 80's metal (Ozzy, Priest, not Poison, Crue). Thanks to all you people who posted about this pickup. I was killing myself over which pickup to buy and this one put a smile on my face ten feet wide!

    Got an all creme Antiquity coming over from England which I'm going to put in the Gibson. I can't wait to hear that one! I'll keep ya posted.
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    Re: Story of a '59

    The 59' is a great pickup, glad you're enjoying it. I have found that Duncan's in gereral have more clarity and openess than other pup's I've tried.
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