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Neck pickup not working

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  • Neck pickup not working

    Hey guys,

    First post here. I just bought a Duncan Custom and was putting it in my old Kramer Pacer in the bridge, and I have an old JB I was gonna just throw in the neck.

    Well I got it all wired up, bridge pickup seems fine, but the neck JB is not working. Now this was my first soldering and wiring job, so go easy on me. Now I have all the grounds, and the green and the bare wire soldered to the back of the neck's pot. Could I be be grounding them out if the wires are touching? I just don't know, doesn't make sense that's it's not working, considering I did the same exact wiring for the bridge pickup on the other pot, and it seems fine.

    Any ideas? Thanks much.

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    Re: Neck pickup not working

    Welcome to the forum!

    Check all of your connections, make sure they are making proper contact. I'm pretty sure it's something simple. We all make mistakes. On saturday, I installed a series/parallel switch in a guitar, put it back together, strung it up, and realized it wasn't working. I took it apart and found that I hadn't wired the pickup to the switch.

    It happens.
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      Re: Neck pickup not working

      Well ok I'll admit this one, but I don't think this is the problem. I forgot to solder the tab on the pots to the ground, but even so when I pushed them to the pot, the bridge one worked, the neck didn't. Actually the bridge worked all along, there just was no volume control until I pushed the open tab to the pot. I'm hoping when I solder them to the pots tonight it will make a difference, but if it didn't when I was holding them there, I doubt it will soldered.