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Metal pickup covers change sound?

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  • Metal pickup covers change sound?

    How much do metal humbucker covers alter tone?

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    Re: Metal pickup covers change sound?

    I can't discern any difference. Some say that a pickup that is covered with metal reduces the treble response and level although the effect is minimal.


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      Re: Metal pickup covers change sound?

      My only experience is owning a couple JB humbuckers, one with the metal cover, and one regular.
      From my experience I couldn't even tell a difference in tone or sound, maybe if I would have played one right after the other and played careful attention, but both pick-ups sounded awesome.
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        Re: Metal pickup covers change sound?

        There is a difference, the sound will be warmer with nickel covers. More a jazz tone as opposed to a ruder, rock tone.

        Try this...grab a couple nickels out of your pocket...let's say, 4. (20 cents) Play your bridge pup clean. Then throw your nickels on the pup between the polepieces, rigt down the middle of the two coils.

        I bet you'll hear a difference.

        What's happening is the nickels spread out the magnetic field. This results in the warmer rounder tone, as opposed to the concentrated field that causes the ruder, brighter one.
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