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Wiring a JB for a single 500K volume?

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  • Wiring a JB for a single 500K volume?

    I bought a JB to replace my C/C in my alder bodied Kramer strat with a Floyd. I like the sound of the C/C but I am looking to get into the raw Jake E. Lee tone. While the C/C comes close. I have read a ton of reviews saying that the JB will be Ice pick highs in the ears if used with a single volume pot setup.

    True or Urban legend?

    I have looked at most of Jake's guitars and they were single volume control guitar with no tone controls except his very first white one with the black pickgard.

    Does anyone know if he was using a 250K tone pot or a 500K with that guitar?

    If it is overwhelming in the high department, besided using a 250K volume pot could I add a Capacitor to the 500K to bleed off some of the highs?


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    Re: Wiring a JB for a single 500K volume?

    I can't help you with the 250K tone pot or 500K question on his guitar, but I've never experienced the JB to be Ice Picky on the high end...

    I think the smaller tone knob should be able to give you the control you want, but I also think the capacitor would work if you weren't satisfied with the tone.
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