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HERE WE GO AGAIN. Which pup for Van Halen

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    Re: HERE WE GO AGAIN. Which pup for Van Halen

    Let's definitely not give the newbie a hard time with his question. Even though this subject has been beaten to death on this Forum (new and old), an appropriate answer is something of the following:

    1. First and foremost, get the right amp. VHoholic has got the goods with the Marshall amps and thus he gets the right tone. That should be the starting point.

    2. Second, learn the chops - you won't get the definition unless your fingers are ready. If you don't have the definition and clarity of his licks, you'll never get the tone quite right.

    3. Lastly, choose between the '78 Custom Shop model or '59 with various magnets. If you are adventurous, try a hybrid - a 59/Custom coil mix. Apparently, that works very well, too.

    If you can put all three together, you will be good to go. Listen to VHoholic's clips - he gets the closest of anyone I've seen.
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      Re: HERE WE GO AGAIN. Which pup for Van Halen

      Do those distortion strings come in E flat tuning?
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