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  • Sh-5 Vs Sh-6

    The Custom VS the Distortion: Which one and why?

    I have DD in my LP and I like it a lot (A LOT!), but I was considering a swap...
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    this is my favorite topic, as I cannot decide from clips, advice given, and what pro guitarists use.

    Alot of reviews say DD is good for metal. DD has less output than the EMG 81; many use the active in conjunction with mesa triple rectifier, and like it (metallica?). I think either pup would sound good with 3xrectifier (my favorite amp), and the custom is similar to the Tom Anderson H3 ...which they use for testing out mesa amps to ensure tonality.

    Reviews at say triple rec and DD and les paul is a good combo...good for killswitch engage, fear factory, slipknot, as well as sabbath...

    a dude with a prs guitar, 3xrectifier and a Custom emailed me back on a question, saying he will replace his Custom for a Bill Lawrence 500 xl my vote is for DD... I am far away from trying it out the combo though... any other suggestions from more experienced SD users?
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      Originally posted by D_Connoisseur
      the custom is similar to the Tom Anderson H3 ...which they use for testing out mesa amps to ensure tonality.

      hmm...i might get a custom next to get close to a pepper keenan tone, cause he uses the H3
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        I haven't used these two but I'm going to get a Custom because of its deep and clear tone. But the thing that made me take this decision was a track (a perform of the Eruption) from a guitar magazine CD, which I've been told that's really close to the Custom. Hear it.
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          Custom, because jason becker used it!!!

          i like it because i like pAF pickups, and one that is hotter than the rest just sounds too cool. especially since jason becker used one


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            Which has more output or is closer to what people call a distortion pickup? DD or custom...
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              DD has more output, and it's called the "distortion"


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                I love Sh-5's. They're so clear and articulate while still being aggressive and thick! Great pups that clean up nicely. Never needed the extra output of the SH-6, so I never bothered with it. I've always been interested, though...