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Duncan Distortion With An A5 or A2?

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    Re: Duncan Distortion With An A5 or A2?

    Originally posted by Jfar
    Some one need to straighten this guy out.

    When did EVH started using Distorion pickups with Alinco II's?

    Answer: He never did !!
    In addition to his old PAFs, Eddie used a DiMarzio Super Distortion with an old PAF magnet in it for quite a while, according to Eddie himself.

    Whether or not the Super Distortion is similar to the Duncan Distortion, I don't know.

    I highly doubt Curt Mitchell recorded his "play like Van Halen" vidoes with a Duncan Distortion (which is actually the genesis of this thread), but I suppose it's possible.

    I'm partially at fault here, because I told him my above sentiments, and speculated that maybe Curt was copying Eddie by putting a warmer magnet in a "distortion-style" pickup. Pure speculation on my part.

    I think in the end, he's better off staying away from Distortion pups if trying to obtain a VH tone, regardless of what Curt Mitchell does.


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      Re: Duncan Distortion With An A5 or A2?

      Originally posted by theodie
      I will correct ya, The DD has a resistance of 16.6K. With an A5 magnet it should very close to a JB which has 16.4K. BTW, The custom has a resistance of 14.1.
      Whoopsie....I was looking at the wrong p-up's resistance.

      FWIW, I like them both and they both work great together in the same guitar.