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  • Hot Rails Question

    Well okay...I THINK I want to put a full set of Hot Rails in my maple-fretboard Strat, but I could be totally wrong.

    I'm kind of fond of the guitar's thin, twangy sound, but I'd like to beef it up and cancel the hum, and I LOVE distortion, so the HR's seem like the way to go.

    Basically, if I had a Hot Rails in the bridge, and was playing it clean, and just played a powerchord, would the guitar's natural twang ring thru, and still sound beefy?

    That's basically what I want, a beefy twang...haha, is there such a thing?
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    Re: Hot Rails Question

    I have Hot Rails in my Maple fretboard Strat and they sound fantasic. There very hot but also clear. You will love them.


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      Re: Hot Rails Question

      HR is a very hot pup. I don't know how well it would work for shredding, because the sound is so fat. Then again, I don't shred

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        Re: Hot Rails Question

        This is good to know. I'm putting an Invader/hotrails combo in a "V" guitar that I'm building with a maple finger board. I was hoping that the HR would give a clear yet thick tone in the neck.