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Yet another wiring question

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  • Yet another wiring question

    I bet you guys get tired of these. Oh well, I need help.

    OK I have a Jackson DK3, whch is an HSH configuration, 1tone 1 vol, 5-way switch.

    I am trying to replace the current DiMarzio humbuckers with dual Full Shreds.

    The middle pup is a lil' Screamin Demon, not an actual single coil. (Needless to say, I play hard rock and metal exclusively.)

    I have seen the diagram for an HSH config, but it uses 2 tone pots and a true single coil in the middle. I have seen nothing that helps me with my actual configuration.

    If someone could explain this to me or maybe mod the existing HSH diagram for me that would be GREATLY appreciated. I love tinkering with my axes, and I'd hate to have to take this into the shop.

    Thanks for helping out a newbie to the forum.

    EDIT: BTW, here's the URL for the diagram I mentioned:
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    Re: Yet another wiring question

    Welcome to the forum SceaminMetal. Use this diagram as a reference:

    HSH with 1 volume, 5-way

    On the Screamin Demon that goes in the center, its wires are just like the other two humbuckers:

    Green to ground
    red/white soldered together and taped
    Black to the switch.

    Connect the tone control as shown here:

    another HSH

    That second diagram is the same as the first, except ignore all the stuff on the right side of the switch. (All the red/white wire connections.)

    If you're still not sure, I'll custom make you a diagram. (But I'm a little slow this week - on vacation.)