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Help with my C5

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  • Help with my C5

    A couple months ago I switched the 59n in my SG for a Jazz model. I loved the change I got there, and now am starting to get a bit frustrated with the C5 in the bridge. When switching from the Jazz to the C5, my sound really loses a lot of it's body, becoming reasonably thin. I like the 'cut' that the pickup has, but I think it needs a little more punch for rhythm stuff. Would I be better off with a CC, or maybe just a different pickup altogether?

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    Re: Help with my C5

    I had the same problem. Swapped the A5 for a ceramic, problem solved! Put so much muscle back into the sound, not harsh at all. Tight and clear with punch. The C5 has the highs and lows emphasized so it can be perceived as lacking mids. My experience is that the C5 works best in thick mahogany axes. The Custom Custom is cool but IMHO the axe it goes in has to have really strong bass (like Maple) in order to restore the muscle the A2 gives up for warmth. But the Custom is one full on bad @ssed pup, it sounds great in just about everything!