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DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

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  • DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

    Well... it was a long time coming, but I officially love the DD in the bridge position. (A long time coming because I was playing it through an amp I disliked for a while, and had it set way too low in the guitar)

    What I want is a tone similar to Slash on Sweet Child O mine, or just about anything on Velvet Revolver, rounded, tubular kind of tones. I also don't want chords to be too muddy.

    Would an A2P be too muddy for my taste? Could a DD neck pull that off?

    Any other suggestions? oh yeah its going in a basswood schecter



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    Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

    While the DDn has a righteous sound on it's own, I wouldn't say it comes close to Slash's sound. His sound came from the A2P in his Les Paul. The A2P is a lower output pup combined with the smoothness of an A2 mag. The DDn will give you incredible articulastion and smooth leads. But I would not call it a tubular sounding pickup. The A2P sounds like what you're looking for. I've just never used one (although I've been meaning to try one). If you try it, let me know how it pairs with the DD.
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      Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

      Go with the a2 pro for what you want. the dd will not sound as smooth or rounded. It is great, but I switched mine out for a a2 pro looking for the same thing you wanted and it sounds great.
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        Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

        Yeah, get that A2P. I had it in my LP for a long while. It got that SCOMine sound for sure. It sounds great clean, also.
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          Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

          i have both pickups, if you are after a more polished midrange (ala Slash), the AIIPro is the way to go. the Distortion neck, i'd say is more suitable for solos which require single note clarity, otherwise, you can't depend on it not to break-up at high volume settings...
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            Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

            MAn - I nail that Slash SCOM tone w/ the stock pup in my 79 paul. Someone put something up here once that made me think the stock 79 pup is essentially an AIIp. Anyone know what's in a Gibby circa 1979??? The pups have the "T" on them if that helps.
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              Re: DD Neck vs. A2P neck?!?!

              if your looking to nail Velvet Revolver tone i would go with what i use, a Custom in the bridge and a APH-1 in neck. Rythm guitarist for Velver Revolver (Dave Kushner) uses a Custom/59 combo and Slash uses APH/APH. The two also sound VERY good blended together and seem to complement each other amazingly. The APH adds some warmth while the Custom gives the crunch.