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JB sound.

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  • JB sound.

    hey guys this is the thing.
    I installed a JB myself yesterday and i denno i MIGHT have done it wrong. i followed the schematics and did it right and the pickup doesnt sound messed up. i get crunchy distortion and stuff..

    the thing is i want the people who have clips or songs of them playing with a JB in the bridge through a tube amp.

    I just wanna make sure i did it right because the sound of the jb on mine is great, its just not a really an improvement from the stock epiphone pickups i have. i plug an epiphone g-400 into a crate vfx5212.

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    Re: JB sound.

    Here's a song of my band:

    Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today

    The song is called '2nd Opinion' Band name: Blender.

    I used an Ibanez RG with a JB direct into a Bogner XTC with a Marshall 1960 cab.

    I play the rythem parts, sorry about that first chord I hit.


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      Re: JB sound.

      I think what you're hearing is mostly the amp. Aside from your guitar, that's the biggest factor as far as your tone goes. Also, If you're not hearing an improvement over the stock Epi pickups, either you got a really good Epi pickup (it happens ) or somehting's wrong with the JB orthe wiring.
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        Re: JB sound.

        Try playing single notes above the 12th fret. The JB should sound fuller up there, then most other pickups on the market. Also, try playing pinch harmonics anywhere on the neck, these should come easier as well.
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          Re: JB sound.

          i kinda messed it up because my pot was loose and i overturned it (if thats a word) and the black wire snapped and i didnt have enough lead. i exchanged it (nice workers at guitar center) for an invader which im happy with. anybody suggest any neck pups? i was thinking of the jazz or the 59.