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Can somebody give me some advise?

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  • Can somebody give me some advise?

    Hi all,

    Iíve picked up playing guitar for about 1 or 2 years now (played bass for a while, still playing actuallyÖ). Anyways, Iím kind of tired of my ďmy first sonyĒ guitar sound.

    I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Special Edition) and I use a Boss Distortion, Chorus and a Noise Suppressor (really nice). Iím thinking of replacing the Boss Distortion with some other form of distortionÖ.not sure yet. I want to start with adjusting my guitar.

    Iíve listened to some of the samples on this website, but that didnít help me much..

    The sound Iím looking for is on the first place hard to describe in English and on the second place a nice heavy thick sound. The Music I play sounds a bit like Therapy? Vs. Queens of the Stone Age. Rhythmic guitar parts, added with some strange things I canít describe

    Donít have money for a Gibson, and If I did Iíd buy a Music Man bass guitar

    Well, if anyone could help me Iíll appreciate it.


    PS. Sorry for any bad English, Iím Dutch and didnít pay much attention at English class

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    Re: Can somebody give me some advise?

    Haha welcome dude. Or should I say: Welkom gozer! (in dutch)
    Blij om weer een Nederlander op dit forum te zien! (Happy to see another Dutchman joining this forum).
    But let's do this in English so the other nice people here at the Duncan forum, don't get suspicious
    If you have a better description in Dutch, just tell me and I'll try to translate it. What I understand from your (english) post is that you need a heavy, fat sound, with reasonably high output in a Les Paul. I know Epiphone uses Alder in their LP's as well so I'm going to advise you to get a Custom (SH-5) for the bridge. It's got lots of output, fat, great harmonics, cleans up nice enough so I've heard, and qualifies as a high output pick up. For the neck a Jazz should work nicely; modern, cleans up great, balanced

    Good luck!
    Jackson USA '98 Custom Shop KE2 w/ Duncan TB-4 JB(b) & Jazz(n)
    Gibson '87 Flying V Designer w/ Duncan Screamin' Demon (n) & Bill Lawrence L500XL (b)
    Fender '70 Stratocaster w/ stock pick ups

    VHT Ultralead plugged into a
    Marshall 2x12 Vintage
    Bogner Shiva oversized 1x12 cab (Celestion Classic Lead 80 loaded)

    (80's Gibson Dirty Finger pick ups (b&n) on the side)