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Using Blend Pot instead of Volume?

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  • Using Blend Pot instead of Volume?

    Just playing around with options for rewiring my Squier Jagmaster that I'm going to coil-split (using 'the' Jazz/JB combo!), and am thinking about using a blend/pan pot . Do I really need a volume pot also, or can I just use this instead? (Controls are only 1 vol/1 tone - tone will be push-pull so no stacked knobs). StewMac has a diagram on their site for this with volume & tone (link below), any suggestions or recommendations? Would you do this?

    Also, how would I wire the 3-way switch to this? Is switching on the ground ok or not recommended?


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    I would keep the master volume and replace the switch with the pan pot. That way you can control the overall volume while blending the pickups to desired levels. It's been my experience playing in bars and such that a volume knob is essential for those times when someone else is taking a solo or the band is between songs.
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