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Overwound Jazz, PG-n or ???-Attn: Evan

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  • Overwound Jazz, PG-n or ???-Attn: Evan

    Let's try this again. I am getting a JB Prototype from the CS/MJ. It has an Alnico II magnet and is around 16K like a regular JB. I am considering the following neck pickups for my Les Paul(Historic Burst):

    1. CS Overwound Jazz

    2. Jessica's *****bucker Neck Pickup

    3. CS wound Pearly Gates Neck

    4. CS wound Seth

    All will be uncovered coils and single conductor Gibson style wire.

    I would like to hear all of your thought on the choices and hopefully Evan will chime in!

    My style is very Slash-esque. I use modded Super LEad Marshalls from the late '70's('77 is my main one) into a 4x12" Marshall V30 loaded cab. No efx but a wah.

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    Re: Overwound Jazz, PG-n or ???-Attn: Evan

    I can really only comment on the Pearly Gates neck. I think that having it wound any other way than the standard recipe is a mistake. The pickup in the neck position is pretty perfect as is.

    The only thing I could recommend is having MJ give it an Antiquity treatment - i.e. use all the components of the Antiquities with the Pearly Gates wind. She has indicated to me that it could produce a very nice pickup, but I'm not certain how much different it would be from an Antiquity neck.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help - someone else will come along and chime in with some better assistance.

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      Re: Overwound Jazz, PG-n or ???-Attn: Evan

      if it were me i might go with a seth type pup, ive been really getting into that tone lately.


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        Re: Overwound Jazz, PG-n or ???-Attn: Evan

        I'm just going to say get a PGn.
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