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  • signal bleed

    I spent some time over the holidays wiring my new Duncans in a MIJ strat. I am installing a PATB-1 (bridge) vintage rails (middle) and a cool rails (neck) The problem that I am having is that when the 5 position switch is in the bridge only position, I am getting signal bleed from the vintage rails. When I lightly scratch the rails with a screwdriver tip, there is definite signal passing through. I thought I was nuts, but the cool rails on alone does not allow any of the vintage rail signal through. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

    I have tested both sides of the 5 way ( I am only using one side) and the problem exists in both, so it doesn't appear to be a bad switch.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: signal bleed

    is there a blop of solder thats connecting two things that shouldnt be? ive had that happen before