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Tele Bridge Pup Install - problemo

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  • Tele Bridge Pup Install - problemo

    Hey All,

    I recently set up my tele clone with 54 vintage neck, and a Jerry Donahue Bridge.

    I can't get the JD to have any output... I can't hear the the thing unless my volume/gain on the amp are both on "11", and even at that, its barely audible, but at least I know there's a signal.

    My neck sounds fine (awesomely improved over the stock pup, I might add). I also upgraded the 2 pots. they work fine, tone sweeps nice, and volume knob is equally responsive.

    I have already resoldered the connections on the JD bridge pup. Still no good.

    I also wanted to check if there was a problem with my 3-way switch, so I reversed the connection positions, and neck still worked fine in the "bridge" switch, but the bridge still had about zero output once it was rewired. So that basically verified my switch is fine, and that I still have a bridge pup problem.

    The pup was purchased new, from a reputable authorized dealer. However, before I return it, I'd like to know if there's any tips that can be suggested before I yank it out. I'd much rather resolve this myself than having to wait for a replacement and all that jazz.

    Perhaps I'm just forgetting something really obvious and I can zip it all up and get cranking again. Or perhaps the pup really is flawed and should be exchanged.


    thanks in advance,

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    Re: Tele Bridge Pup Install - problemo

    It sounds like a bad ground connection for the bridge pickup to me.
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      Re: Tele Bridge Pup Install - problemo

      I will try removing all the grounds on the tone pot and starting over. wish me luck