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Trying to improve a cheap SG copy

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  • Trying to improve a cheap SG copy

    I have an Epiphone SG at home and I'd like to put some better pickups in it.

    Are there any obvious choices? I'd like to spend less than 100 for both - is that about $190?

    I play blues rock and jazz styles but I don't want anything too bassy.

    The only original Gibson I have played in a gig was a friend's Les Paul and I hated the clean tone so I would like to stay away from that sort of sound.

    Could I put P90s in?

    PS Although I'm an experienced player I know little about techy stuff.

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    Re: Trying to improve a cheap SG copy

    maybe the popular jb/jazz combo. or maybe a custom custom./ pearly gates combo.
    for blues rock and jazz id go for a real versatile bridge pup ( jb, custom custom, 59, pearly gates ) with some more for jazz/ blues in the neck ( jazz, 59, pearly gates, aph-1) ... theres my 2 cents. sorry if it doesnt help you alot


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      Re: Trying to improve a cheap SG copy

      you could try the phat cats. p90's in a humbucker mount, though i don't know how much they are over there. good luck
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