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Maple/Mahogany and Single coils? AlnicoII?

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  • Maple/Mahogany and Single coils? AlnicoII?


    new to this forum. Need some opinions about pickups vs Tonewood

    Am putting together a Warmoth LPS or VIP 3/4" Maple on top of Mahogany.

    Probably Mahogany neck with Pau Ferro Fretboard. Bolt-on

    Planning on H-S-S pickups Bridge to neck (NEck and Middle RW/RP)

    Play mostly Grateful Dead, Funk, Some Blues thru a Mesa/Boogie IIC+
    Like Vintage Sounds, but need that Garcia/Hendrix Neck Single coil sound most of all. Already have a Strat. Need this guitar to cover alot of ground

    Can any one comment on Single Coils on basically a Les Paul body.

    Thank You for any help you can give

    Dan Walsh
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    Re: Maple/Mahogany and Single coils? AlnicoII?

    I really like Alnico 5 single coils for vintage blues/hendrix sorta stuff. Alnico 2s are good, but lack the quack and highs I hear in the vintage blues tones. If it were me id put SSL-1s or Ant. Surfers in there, but theres nothing wrong with Aps's.
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      Re: Maple/Mahogany and Single coils? AlnicoII?

      Ok for the hendrix and well hell everything u just mentioned i would use two woodstock kinman single coil's for your neck and mid(no hum, actually sound like real single coils, and sound better then fralins in my oppinion, and would make a intresting match with your wood disicision) and for the bridge i'd go with the pearly gates.
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