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Bridge Hot Rails- Tele WHAILS?

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  • Bridge Hot Rails- Tele WHAILS?

    I just climbed on board this morning and I have to say that I'm Impressed!!
    My question deals with the tele bridge pup.I played a friend's modified strat with a bridge humbucker.It has been a while and I forgot how versatile the Humbucker was.That particular HB had an excellent balance (a little punch + good sustain)I could hear the harmonics in the background just waiting to be cut loose.The pups in my tele are standard.I'm really intrested in some input about the STHR-1.The description sounds exactly what I'm looking for. I build my own guitars and to acheive the HB sound means putting my tele "under the knife".I gig with a Fender Stage 160. It packs Quite a punch on the drive side.I feel like I'm close with the STHR-1 set up. Any info on this issue would be really great! Hope to hear from you.

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    Re: Bridge Hot Rails- Tele WHAILS?

    welcome to the forum!!!

    if you are looking for a hot humbucker tone with a touch of tele then the hot rails is a great choice. not quite as fat as a full size bucker but with plenty of output. the lil 59 is another option if you wanted a more tame sound, still fatter and hotter than a stock tele but not as jumped up as the hot rails


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      Re: Bridge Hot Rails- Tele WHAILS?

      Thanks much for the info. I think I'm going with the STHR-1. Iv'e been bending strings almost twice as long as some of these members have been alive.It's cool to keep up with the latest "sounds" and hear about there adventures with different setups.Once I get up and running,I'll probably be asking for help with a neck pup.