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Replacement pups for Ibanez SR300DXL

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  • Replacement pups for Ibanez SR300DXL

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post here. I'm seriously thinking of changing the pups in my Ibanez SR300DXL (PJ). The stock ones are good they tend to have a "hot" or "electriic" sound to them (sorry it's the best way I can describe it). What I'm looking for is to get a good heavy thick clean bottom end out it. The mid notes sound really sweet, nice and smooth and as I mentioned just wanted to get a little more bottom end. Bottom line is I just want to make a good thing even better. I'm not sure if the pickups are active or passive. One of my knobs is push/pull so that I tend to think may be an indication that the pups are active.
    My buddy swears by Seymour Duncans as far as guitar pickups and I know they are a well known, well respected brand.
    Any recommendations????

    Lefty bassplayers "Covering the bottom end.....from the other side!!"