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  • New help!! Which pup

    I'm looking for help in deciding which pup to put in my guitar. Currently, I have a Washburn PS2000B which is like a Gibson explorer. It has a mahogany body with a maple top. The DD in the next position and the 59 in the neck position sound awesome. I get great chug and awesome lead tones. Not bright at all.
    I also put a DD (bridge) 59 (neck) in my Gibson Les Paul which gives me similar tones as my PS2000B. Again not a bright tone but very warm.
    Here is my problem. I installed a DD in my third (Epi Les Paul Standard) and it lacks bottom end. The mids and highs are perfect but Iím missing something on the bottom end. Could this be because the neck is a epi stock (maple) and too bright for the DD?
    Iíve read this whole site and have concluded that either the SH5 or SH14 would come close to the DD but it has less output. Volume way would I notice a difference if I changed guitars during a set? What would you guys recommend? Is there a pup that can bring out the bass and have the same output as the DD?
    I tried the JB but it was WAY too bright for me. I love the tone the DD gives me on the PS2000B and Gibby Les Paul but for some reason (maybe cheap wood) the Epi is not getting the tones.
    I play a Marshall TSL100 through a 4x12 with V30ís. I play mostly rock from the 80ís to newer rock (not nu-metal). Bands that I like are Van Halen, Ozzy, Motely Crue, Metallica, Kiss, Scorpions, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. I play in a cover band but I donít use a lot of different tones. I stick to my tone and use effects, volume knob, tone knob as needed.
    This question has me up at night reading info on all types of pups and I like to stay with SD instead of Dimarzioís as I have had quality issues with them.

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    Re: New help!! Which pup

    I've never lacked bottom end with a Distortion and I've got them in all different types of guitars. However, have you tried different EQ settings with the Epi? I only ask because a lot of guys really want to keep the same settings for different guitars and have the different guitar be the source of a different tone all by itself (I'm guilty of this from time to time). What's optimal with one guitar may not be with another. However, if you'v ealready tried this and are still not happy, you may want to look into the Invader. It is supposed to be very similar to the Distortion with the addition of 3 small magnets and the oxide screws. That should help your bottom end.
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      Re: New help!! Which pup

      Another option might be the PArallel Axis Trembucker version of the Distortion. It'll be hotter, and because it's designed to work with Floyd Rose style bridges, it'll be thicker, with more lows. THe only issues that come to mind with this pickup would be string spacing (if your Epi has traditional Gibson spacing) and the fact that the Parallel Axis looks kinda weird (or downright ugly if you ask some people ).
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