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Rio Grande Twangbucker vs. lil 59

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  • Rio Grande Twangbucker vs. lil 59

    I'm considering putting humbuckers in my tele, but I still want to be able to get that tele twang through coil splits. Would you recommend the Rio Grande twangbucker or the lil 59 for tele? Lets not discuss the routing that will have to happen yet, I want an evaluation purely on tone.

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    Re: Rio Grande Twangbucker vs. lil 59

    ive never tried the twangbucker but the lil 59 is a nice pup, bigger and warmer than a stock tele with more output than still sounds nice clean


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      Re: Rio Grande Twangbucker vs. lil 59

      i would actually like to hear the twangbucker
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        Re: Rio Grande Twangbucker vs. lil 59

        I had the Twangbucker set in an old parts tele that I sold. The humbucker mode was big and bright, with a tight low end and a cool snarl to the upper mids. When split, the same basic character is there, with some added sparkle and openness to the mids, nbut some of the "balls" were gone. It's not a bad pickup set by any means, but I wish the split sounds were as ballsy I preffer my Tele's to be.

        I've never played the Lil 59 for Tele, but one of the best "tele" sounds I heard from a split or parallel 'bucker was from a JB Jr in in parallel in the bridge slot of an EB Musicman Albert Lee Model.

        According to Evan, the Lil 59 for Tele was based on Duncan's attempts at making a JB Jr for tele, so I imagine that the Lil 59 won't let you down.
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