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  • Parts-O-Caster Update!!

    I posted this weekend about completing my parts strat. At that time, I bolted my Jackson strathead neck onto mid 90's Am Std strat alder body in sea foam green with a set of Gold Lace sensors and a two point trme.

    Since then, I traded that body to my buddy for a 77 ash strat body in candy apple red with the 6 point trem, graphtech saddles and the EMG Dave Gilmour set.

    I bolted it together last night and played it.

    I'm surprised that I absolutely love these EMG's.

    They're not like the 60's I had in my Hamer at all. These are bright and complex sounding. Still very much a strat sound, but with some more "hair on the dog" and absolutely no noise. Open up the SPC control when driven and it really sings for lead work. The EXP control makes it very chunky, but with a lot of cut for distorted rythms, and adding a touch of it when clean makes chord really sparkle, and the 2 & 4 positions really spank when playing country style licks.

    One thing about this set: at any control position, there is a TON of output. It easily keeps up with the CC/APH combo in my Carvin and the Custom/Jazz combo in my Yamaha. It's quite a bit hotter than the Pearly Gates and Seth's that I have in my Hamer and LP respectively.

    Oh, and it absolutely kills the APS's in my other strat in terms of output (but not true strat tone ).

    I highly recommend this set to any strat player who isn't terribly concerned with dead on vintage sounds (theres APS's, SSL-1's, and Antiquities for the vintage tones), but like the idea of no noise, scorching output, numerous tonal options, and the ability to keep most of the strat character in their sound, if so desired.

    Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.