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  • tele

    What? The guy at Greenwich Guitars likes the Ant.II Tele? Isn't that just a regular Antiquity with staggered rods?

    Re. pedal board: We are getting ready to go to Nashville to cut a record. If we showcase, then I'll need a pedalboard. Just giving some thought to what it should be like. I have heard that its good to use george l. cable to link up the fx. That could be true. I remember trying a george l. cable once, and didn't like it. The cable itself was very thin, and tangled up easily. Maybe they make something else that would be better.
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    I use GeorgeL cable on my board, and they eliminated 99% of the noise. I would highly recommend them. They are also very easy to repair in the event you break a cable. Just cut it back and reconnect the end. I also use a one spot to pwer mine, and that has also helped eliminate much of the noise.
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      the antiquity line uses alnico II
      the antiquity II line uses alnico V

      george l's cable is the best ive found for doing pedal boards, just cut the wire and screw on the ends. doesnt get much easier


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        i use monster cables right now but i don't know if they make a small cord.
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