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Recommend me a single coil pickup

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  • Recommend me a single coil pickup

    I currently have an Epiphone G-400 Custom. I want to have single coil sound as well, so I'm looking for a nice - not too expensive - single coil pickup, which I plan to put in the middle pickup position (let me know if you think this is a bad idea).
    Preferrably I want a single coil in the shape of a humbucker with a gold cover. I've found the SD Phat Cat, but I don't think that's a regular single coil ("When used together, both pickups are hum-canceling.
    ," it says in the description), which I think requires odd wiring and maybe an extra switch, which is already odd enough in my 3-pickup guitar. By the way, I'm a total novice in the field of pickups, wiring and electronics... :-)
    So are there other humbucker-sized single coils with gold covers?

    Or what other options are there? Would a black single coil look good on my guitar as well?

    I'm looking for a Fender clean sound, kind of like John Frusciante, but his sound can't be copied with my current setup (SG-type guitar and a Line6 Spider II 212)...

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    Re: Recommend me a single coil pickup

    Dude dont put a single coil in there, unless its gonna be a phat cat which would sound awesome by the way!

    You could just put a low output very vintage style humbucker in there like a seth. You could even get a humbucker and split it to make it into a single that would be a better idea!

    Dont know which one would be suited to that though.
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      Re: Recommend me a single coil pickup

      "When used together, both pickups are hum-canceling."

      I just thought of this: do they mean that, if you use two of these pickups on a guitar at the same time, they are hum-cancelling?

      I'm still thinking about putting a single coil in the middle though. Which SD pickup would come close to the sound of Frusciante? I'm going to try to manufacture a picture of my guitar with a black single coil in the middle, see how that works out...

      Keep the replies coming!


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        Re: Recommend me a single coil pickup

        Someone also recommended a Dimarzio Blue Velvet, but how would this kind of single coil pickup fit in my guitar? Would I need a special pickup frame?