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  • An idea I just had...

    I was just playin the old Stratocaster with the bridge and middle pups engaged, with the middle pup's tone knob down to zero. It sounded great with distortion, big and fat but with even highs, a great punky riffing sound.

    So I know that's what it sounds like in parralel, but what if I rewired it so that possition 4 linked the pups in series, like a true humbucker? Would I get a similar sound, just better? Or what?

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    Re: An idea I just had...

    not really sure since the signal would be running from the middle pup into the bridge pup, might sound good might sound tubby. only way to know for sure is to try. i have gotten a very cool tone by mixing a neck bucker with tone on 10 and the bridge bucker tone on 0. great woman type tone with a little high end left and without as much mud on the bottom