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Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

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  • Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

    Hi guys,

    I've been looking for such a combo for very long time, but haven't decided anything certain yet.. My axe is a 3-singled American Strat w/ rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, ??? body(prodably ash or alder), and big, strange tremolo... I wish it would be VERY versatile, cause i simply can't afford another guitar, that's why i'm changing pup's...
    It needn't to be "stratish" glass sounding guitar. I just want a warm guitar with both great cleans and distorton.
    I've thought about JBJr(B)-Vintage rails(M)-Cool rails(N), and i know that the cleans would be awesome.. but what about some more agressive distorton?

    Plz help!

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    Re: Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

    If you want something warmer, with good distortion sounds and still some warm single coil sounds I'd go for the following combo:

    Lil 59'

    The Lil 59 will do great distortion sounds and still sounds great clean. The APS singles are warm and vintage, not to bright.....smooth.
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      Re: Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

      IŽd modestly count myself to the hardest, most aggressive there are, and I acually prefer the JBJr to the Fullsize. ThereŽs a focused bottom and an "in your face "snarl that the fullsize JB doesnŽt have in the JR, and just a bit less output. IŽd think of the Jr as exactly that, the little brother, hasnŽt learned any manners yet and doesnŽt have quite the strength

      IŽd go with a lilŽ50 for a more rockin setup, but i think that setup would rock just fine in a strat
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        Re: Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

        My strat set up is Little 59/Classic Stack/Hot Stack which gives a great range of tones. Another good set up is Hot Rails/Vintage Rails/Cool Rails. Depends if you like the look of rails pickups or not - both would be a good choice.
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          Re: Ultimate strat combo!?!?!?

          there are a couple common answers to the "i need everything from one strat" question, going bridge/middle/neck:

          hot rails/vintage rails/cool rails
          jb jr/duckbucker/lil 59
          lil 59/classic stack/hot stack
          hot or qp strat/vintage strat/custom strat

          they all do great cleans and distorted tones just depends on what you are looking for. the hot rails combo and jb jr combo sound pretty similar in the neck and middle slots and each one has its own look, rails for the hr and pole pieces for the jr. the hot rails is a little thicker and higher output than the jb jr but either one sounds killer high gain.
          the other two combos are a little more stratty and dont pack as much punch in the bridge but are verry versitle combos that can cover any style from metal to jazz, but again they have different flavors with the last being all true single coils.