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    I'm a bit confused, does Seymore Duncan make a neck version of the Pearly Gates? I told my wife to pick me up a Neck position Pearly Gates at Guitar Center and she came back with the bridge model. She said the guy at the store told her they were the same. Anybody know? I've looked on the site and while I can't really find a neck pickup, I did find a clip of a PG in the neck position in the tone lab. Help!

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    Re: Pearly Gates

    Sure he does. He makes both a neck and bridge and they're not the same.

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      Re: Pearly Gates

      sadly, the GC guy took your wife for a ride ... there absolutely is a PGn and it is SWEET

      unless you need it in a SUPER hurry, take the PGb back and order a PGn from lew or blackrose .. i bet you could have it by next weekend from either of those

      good luck

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        Re: Pearly Gates