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Whaddya think of my pickup setup?

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  • Whaddya think of my pickup setup?

    It's a bit of a weird combo, but that fits me just fine

    Strat, with solid rosewood neck
    Duckbucker bridge
    Classic Stack (from about 1981) in the middle, with a series/parallel/split switch
    Rewound Quarter Pound (also from 1981) in the neck, with coiltap switch

    Best sound I've gotten is all three pups on, full coils. Nice, sweet distinctive tone that's great for prog rock and Texas blues (with a tube amp, of course). What do you think of my odd mix of pups?

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    Duckbucker in bridge coupled with QP neck ??? Strange setup...

    Tell me more about your Classic Stack... does it have the plain cover ?
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      I take it you only play clean or crunch songs, cos duckbuckers dont do overdrive..?
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        The Classic Stack has a deep red cover with the "S" logo on it. Does the plain one have nothing on it? I bought it in 1981, if that helps.

        And yeah, I use mostly clean sounds. The combo of the three gives a great sound for overdriven tubes, though. Real nice bluesy sound. My Strat has an FET preamp in it, which doesn't give a lot of boost, but it's great as a buffer preamp. So the Duck isn't a great overdrive sound on its own, but combined with others, it can be great. I use volume pots as mix controls to blend in the combined pickups, which lets me dial in just the right amount. Tricky to adjust, but real nice when it's right (sorta like Mesa Boogie amps, which I also use. 100,000 sounds, 99,000 of which are awful, but the good ones are GREAT!).