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  • Just heard THE tone...

    Peter Green's tone on "The Sun is Shining" that is THE clean tone I desire. I know that he played les pauls a lot, but I can't stand playing LP's. Not sure why it is just really uncomfortable. So what strat pickups can get me tone similar to this? My guess would be one of the 4 I have listed in my signature. So I'll take it one step further...

    How do each of the 4 pickups in my signature sound overdriven? Clips and comments greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Just heard THE tone...

    What I do know about Peter Green's Tone is that his LPs pickups were wired out of phase (like the middle pickup in some strats). That results in a "quackier" or "snappier" tone than a "normal" wired HB.


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      Re: Just heard THE tone...

      Yup. He played an LP with both humbuckers out of phase. You could probably get a tone similar to this with your strat... do you own a traditional strat with volume and 2 tone, 5 way switch?

      You could wire yourself up with phasing in the 2 and 4 positions, but it won't sound the same as humbuckers. It would sounds similar to PGs tone though. I could figure out how to do it with push/pull pots, but I don't think strat cavities are deep enough for those. You might be able to do it with mini switches... someone on here will figure it out. Might be a little more work than you want to do though.