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    Hey all. I just joined your board to learn a little more about pickups, Duncan's particularly.
    I am about to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and wish to replace the pickups. I thought I had decided on an EMG 81/60 set but am afraid that I will lose versatility with these pickups and be unable to get really good cleans.
    I play mostly hard rock and metal but enjoy a nice clear full clean guitar every once in awhile.
    Therefore I come to you guys and ask which pair of Duncans would be able to give me nice cleans while still getting fantastic crunch. The JB/Jazz, JB/59?

    Thanks for the help.
    Looking to Purchase:
    Axe-FX Ultra
    ART SLA2
    Mesa Boogie 2X12
    PRS Tremonti
    PRS Singlecut, SC245 or SC250
    Edwards Les Paul Custom
    Gibson Explorer
    Fender Stratocaster
    Fender Telecaster

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    Re: Pickup Selection

    Duncan Custom/59 combination is great for hard rock/metal and will be able to give you nice cleans while still getting fantastic crunch.