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HSH Combination with Jazz/JB?

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  • HSH Combination with Jazz/JB?

    I' searching for a PU in SC-format as middle-PU wich fits in a PRS-type full mahogany guitar with Jazz N and JB B. It should have a SC-sound and fit to the two HBs.

    The Tonewizard suggests "STK-S1 Classic Stack" or "APS-1 Alnico II Pro - Staggered".

    Does anybody already use one of these two PUs or any other in combination with Jazz/JB?

    I know that HSH-combinations are a little uncommon but perhaps sb can help?

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    Re: HSH Combination with Jazz/JB?

    First, welcome to the forum!
    Second, what kind of tone do you want from the single coil? Because you could also put a SC sized humbucker in there.


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      Re: HSH Combination with Jazz/JB?

      while i dont use a Jazz/JB combo, i use a 59/JB combo (id say its one of the top 3 or so combos) and i do use the CLASSICSTACK (stk-s1). it works really well for classic SC sounds, but it isnt a ssl-1. it cant be an ssl-1, because its a hum. no hum can ever be a SC. if u want SC, go SC. if u dont mind a slight (very slight) loss of authenticity, u do again alot in having a full hum-cancelling guitar. i really like the classic stack, its great for single coil sounds. does my guitar sound EXACTLY like a strat? no, is it pretty darn close (enough for just about anyony) yes!

      i highly reccomend the STK-S1, the JB, and have never used the Jazz, though i wanna try one. the 59 is a great pup as well

      good luck, pm me if uwant amnything else, and welcome
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