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  • How Does This Setup Sound

    Hey Everyone.

    I was wondering if you think that this setup would sound good on a Fender 50th Anniversary Ed. Golden Strat:

    Neck: Hot Stack
    Middle: Lil '59
    Bridge: JB Jr.

    I currently have a JB Junior in the Bridge with Fender Texas Specials in the Middle and Neck. I love the JB Jr, i'm not gonna change that, but I for sure want to change the Middle. I might leave the Texas Special in the Neck, because I think I DO want a single coil in the neck, but thats not set in stone.

    I don't necessarily want this to have the classic fender sound, I play primarily rock/hard rock, but I also want to be able to get a very versitile sound, like maybe like the Rolling Stones Can't You here me knocking (both rythm and lead)

    Does this setup sound good? I really like how the Hot Stack sounds on the website, but i'm not certain if this setup is the best. I have heard 100% great feedback about the Lil 59, but it didn't sound EXACTLY what i (think i) am looking for. Any other ideas would be excellent. Thanks in Advance!