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    Alright what's the deal with this company? I've been to the website, I know they operate out of their house, but I've emailed and no response. I'm hesitant to call. I have to call his wife and talk about pickups? Seems a little weird. Not that she doesn't know pickups.

    Why no good descriptions on the website of the L-500 series besides regular, lead, and super lead? Anyone use these things? No, I don't want to sound like Dime, I just wondered if one of the L-500s sound anywhere near a Jeff Beck or Super Distortion? Harmony Central didn't help much, but did a little.
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    Re: Bill Lawrence pups

    While there are certain things I don't like about the "spirit" of their website and forum, everything I've read or heard about, suggests that Bill and Becky are two very nice people who build a very high-quality pickup.

    Its a family run business, so I don't see any problem with talking to Becky. She probably knows more about pups than many of us.

    I don't use them myself, only because SD currently covers all my needs.



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      Re: Bill Lawrence pups

      I wouldn't worry about calling Becky, but I bet if you give them some more time they will reply to your e-mail.
      I use the L-500XL, but I DO want to sound like Dimebag, and through my solid state half-stack I've got a sound that's close enough for me.
      Since this is the only Bill Lawrence pick-up I have ever used I am not very familier with the other models they sale. I'll just say I am very satisfied with the one I have and I wouldn't hesitate to order another of thier pick-ups.
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        Re: Bill Lawrence pups

        There are two different companies with two different websites... I assume that you went to the first one, which is the company run by Bill and Becky Lawrence:
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          Re: Bill Lawrence pups

          i have a set of bill lawrence 500XLs from the mid 80's that are spectacular

          if you call and speak to becky or bill, you will see that there is absolutely no reason to be hesitant ... if you are patient and can wait for the pups, they will not dissapoint

          they are very powerful and very transparent .. i do not detect an overemphasis in any of the frequency bands of interest (lows, lower mids, upper mids, highs) ... just a very clear, articulate pickup ... on "8" it is perfect for rhythm and on "10" it just kicks up for cutting through on solos

          they are the only non SDs i own

          good luck
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            Re: Bill Lawrence pups

            Thanks guys. I'll be calling them...

            Yes, I meant the first one with pics of Bill and his family working on pickups and packaging.
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