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Need early 50's P-90 sound for my "Cochran"

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  • Need early 50's P-90 sound for my "Cochran"

    Hello everybody, I play on a GRETSCH 6120W-57 (Eddie Cochran model with 1 Dynasonic pickup (bridge) and 1 P-90 by Lindy Frallin' (neck)). I'd like to upgrade the sound to try to find a sound as Eddie Cochran could have in the 50's, so I'd like to find the best P-90 reproduction.
    - What is you opinion about it, to find a P-90 with the 50's characteristic (magnet, output...) and reproduce the best early 50's P-90 sound. Must I choose the P-90 "dog ear" Antiquity? or the custom shop "dog ear" stack?
    Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your help... Herve (FRANCE).

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    Re: Need early 50's P-90 sound for my "Cochran"

    Welcome to the forum. The Duncan Antiquity P90 would be the best choice for a classic P90 tone.

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      Re: Need early 50's P-90 sound for my "Cochran"

      I think I'd look for some of the old Filtertrons or maybe the TV Jones pickups. Those would probably be closest to what Eddie had in his 6120.