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Pup selection for SG Jr.

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  • Pup selection for SG Jr.

    I made a thread couple days ago about pup for Epi g310. Well I ended up getting an Epi SG Jr. and I was wonder if there was anything different. I think I ended deciding on a JB for playing Posthardcore/punk type music. Is there anything I need to know or will this be a good choice still. I believe it comes with a P-90 type pickup, what are some of your guys thoughts on that? This is a pic of it.

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    Re: Pup selection for SG Jr.

    I can't keep track of all of the Epi models but it looks like a P-90 in the picture. The P-90 was the pickup used in the original Les Pauls and has been used by a lot of hard rock guitarists. You can see how you like and if necessary replace it with a humbucker (which will probably require some routing). While the P-90 has a nice throaty tone the downside is that it is not humcancelling which can be a problem if you turn it up really loud.

    Let us know how you like it.
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