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Shielding the inside of a strat pickup cover

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  • Shielding the inside of a strat pickup cover

    Do you think that would be a good idea? I'm starting my strat project. I printed and read over all the instructions to shield a strat body on and got to thinking about it...

    On top of shielding the pickup and control cavities with copper foil (or whatever it is you use), what if you shielded the inside of the plastic strat pickup covers, made sure it wasn't touching any of the coils or magnets, and snuck a very small wire to it from the star ground, and insulated it with electrical tape? Do you think that would block out the noise even better? Anyone tried it?

    Just an idea. I've never scene or heard of it being done before.

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    Re: Shielding the inside of a strat pickup cover

    I wouldn't bother with it. Any difference it made would be small, and it would alter the tone of the pickup. If you properly shield the body you should be just fine.

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      Re: Shielding the inside of a strat pickup cover

      Ok. Just sounded like a good idea there for a minute...


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        Re: Shielding the inside of a strat pickup cover

        I've done the guitar nuts thing to a few guitars and the most important thing is to insulate the control and pickup cavities, preferrably with copper foil tape although it might be easier to paint them with several layers of black conductive paint.

        Adding copper foil around the coil of a strat pickup will effect the tone so you might want to skip that at least for now. (If the bridge pickup is too bright the copper foil tape might smooth it out a bit.)

        As for the star grounding scheme, I will bring all of the cable grounds to the back of the volume pot, and run all of the signal returns to the grounded terminal of the volume pot. I usually run a large poly capacitor from the pot terminal to the pot case- sometimes 1.0mfd/250vdc, but you can alternately just run a jumper between the two points (the capacitor will help protect you from getting electrocuted on-stage, but it also seemed to quiet down the guitar a bit so I keep using it.)
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