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Twang Banger feedback...

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  • Twang Banger feedback...

    I got microphonic high feedback, it's impossible to turn the amp up with gain...
    I have a noise suppressor, but when I'm playing a lot of high feedback append.

    Did someone tried the wax ?

    I think that the copperplated baseplate must be free of vibration to cure the problem.

    Am I wrong ?

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    Re: Twang Banger feedback...

    I've had some luck with putting a couple pieces of black electrical tape across the bottom sides of microphonic pickups. If the coil windings or nickel cover are vibrating, you usually need to pot them. On singles, sometimes the vibration is happening between the pickguard and pickup, so a few strips of tape dampens their connection to each other. Worth a try, at least.
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      Re: Twang Banger feedback...

      Check for a poorly waxed plate on the bottom of your TB....That happened to me with mine also...
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        Re: Twang Banger feedback...

        I potted the pickup and it's solved the problem.

        Thanks to all