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I need wiring help: STAT!

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  • I need wiring help: STAT!

    Well, let me start off with saying i'm working on a Agile LP-2500 (basically an LP copy)

    Mistake #1 : I had $80 in credit at GC and decided to get a new strap and a pickup- I ask for a '59b 4-Conductor

    Mistake #2 : Beliving I got what I had asked for, I left.

    Mistake #3 : Cracking open the guitar, and clipping out the bridge pup.

    Mistake #4 : Apparrently, its a 2-Conductor wiring system.

    It was about that time, I opened up the pickup, and noticed it was single conductor. FANTASTIC? It gets better, I grab the box, look at the model, and it says SH-1 N

    At that point I cursed myself and GC (mainly GC) up and down.

    So here I am. Is there a way to wire it in? I don't know a thing about the two conductor system...and I can't find a schematic anywhere,and now i'm not even sure how the switch is wired.
    I've accepted the fact that I turned into a total newbie when I found all this out, I thought I could snip and solder, and i'd be good. Now my ego's bruised.

    I sent an email for a schematic, but i'm holding my breath...and with GC being 2 1/2 hours away...running back up there and exchanging or returning it, would prove to be a pain in the ass.
    If anyone knows or has an idea of what to do,I'm at your mercy.

    if it's easier for anyone...ill be on aim : Skywkr666

    TIA,I hope
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    Yeah, I was just confused by the stock wiring, I think I got it now... and for some reason, the 59 didnt come with a diagram, I was confused by the lack of a ground on it...then I saw in the SD online diagram that the metal braiding was the ground, then it was a matter of identifying the ground wire of the stock pickups in the LP,and so I used your post to determine the ground, thanks. And since my only wiring experience was with a DeArmond...I thought 4 conductor was the standard...I guess 2 is, silly me. Thanks for the help,especially schizo