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Pickup width questions, and choice? 59? JB?

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  • Pickup width questions, and choice? 59? JB?

    Hey guys.. I'm in the process of building a neck thru guitar.. Wish me luck.. It's my first.. Anyway, this guitar will be used for the Brown sound sorta.. Or at least I want to get close and I'll be playing it thru a Digital modeling amp probably going thru the PA.. I'll also be using the Phase shifter of EVH fame..and a tad of delay as my normal settings.. you might say.. and a Wah Wah.. Anyway, the guitar is going to be a 25" scale as in PRS, and I've not decided the body shape, but I'm probably going to go with a LP Junior type body and this bridge: which brings me to another questions.. Do I need the pickup that is sized for a Trem or just standard pickup size? I'm only going to have one pickup direclty mounted to the body.. and one volume knob to keep it simple.. What pickup would you folks use? I'm thinking heavily of the 59 or the jb? I also love the Distortion though, but I've found in the past that the lower output pups sound sweeter to me when cranked, and clean up so well.. I love the sound of the sarceno model too in a bolt on neck guitar with a trem.. so I'd like to get that sound sorta.. which to me sounds like an old PAF in a LP.. That's the sound combo I'm after, but I like to be able to clean the guitar up and get good rythem sounds too, but screaming leads.. The guitar will be made of a Maple neck and ebony board neck thru, with Mahogany wings.. honduran mohogany.. Any suggestions.. I'm still leaning toward the 59 as it just sounds so sweet.. Later I hope to get an old old Marshall that I can have modified to up the gain on like EVH did.. or probably I'll buy a used 5150 maybe instead, but I just love the sound of those old Marshalls cranked.

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    Re: Pickup width questions, and choice? 59? JB?

    Standard spacing will work fine with the Baby Grand. As far as which pickup to go with, I'd go with a Seth Lover. Get one of those, take off the cover, plug into a Marshall (or a tweed bassman RI ) and go to town.
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      Re: Pickup width questions, and choice? 59? JB?

      I would go with a trem-spaced. The baby-grand has a 53mm string spread, and the trembuckers are 52.6mm.