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  • phat cat p-90

    Has anybody tried those S.D. phat cat p-90's? I want something with p-90's, but can't really find what I want. My next course of action would be buying a humbucker equipped guitar, and putting those phat cats in it. But I can't find any reviews or feedback on them. Anybody played or own them?

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    i know scott f has some and he likes them, maybe he will catch this thread and tell you some details
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      There are some sound clips here.
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        IMO, a humbucker guitar with Phat Cats in it give you the very best of both worlds in teh same guitar. You can go from hummers to P90s this way, than to have a p90 guitar and put mini humbuckers into it.

        There are so many more great choices for the regular humbucker than a mini humbucker, it's a no brainer. Also, if the regular production Phat cat isn't exactly what you want, there's always the custom shop.

        I love mine. I think they're quieter than regular p90s.

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          Scott's right. Phat Cats are definitely quieter than regular P-90s. I'm not 100% sure why. I think the nickel-silver cover acts as shielding.

          Anyway, they sound great. Really great.
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            I'm tempted to try them, I love my Custom P90's and think they would rock in a Tele. I just picked up a real nice ES-335 copy, Mahogany, set neck, for my son. He's a big Strokes fan and wants those Gibson P-94 pups used by the guitarist with the Epi Rivera...which are HB sized P90's. I may have to twist his arm...

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              When I used to advise people on upgrading computers, I always tried to force them to think ahead. If you have a p90 in a humbucker route and you want to go back to humbuckers at some point, you're good to go. I think this is key.

              If you try to do it the other way, I'm not sure that gives you as many options.

              When I ordered my last PRS, I couldnt' decide on soapbars or hummers. But, I don't just preach that logic, I live it. So, I got the McCarty with the hummers and put Phat Cats in it. One day I might put some other hummer in there, (not likely) and I'll have some really great choices.

              There just are not that many great mini-humbuckers out there.

              Sorry for repeating myself.


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                the cats are awesome, those were my clips. I'm using Scott F's theory in reverse soon, I'm putting a Seth in the bridge of my guitar and putting the cat in the neck of another, just for a change of pace and I need a little more rock in my custom guitar right now ( classic covers band ) and that is the coolest thing about em ( other than the supa cool tone )