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    What electric appliance did you recently buy for your kitchen: an air fryer, a rice cooker, or a stove? If you currently do not have a pressure cooker, I would suggest you to think about purchasing one, as it benefits you in many ways. Today, I will provide an overall idea of why you should own one of the top pressure cookers, and suggest some tips to choose the best one on the market.

    What is a pressure cooker?

    A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance that uses the steam and pressure inside to make the food well-cooked. There are two main types of pressure cookers: electric and stove top.

    - An electric pressure cooker comes with programmable features and settings for many different functions. It allows you to switch on and leave it until the food is perfectly cooked. It will then automatically switch off and keep your food remaining warm. So, it is safe and ideal for families living with young children.

    Find More Info: Best pressure cooker products reviews on the market - Top rated presuure cooker

    - Unlike an electric pressure cooker, a stovetop one allows you to control the heat by yourself for an expected result. It normally takes heat directly from your oven, gas, and barbeque portable stoves. If you would like a dish to be cooked with a certain temperature, you can set it manually on your own.

    Basically, every pressure cooker has four main parts: a pot, a lid, a valve, and a rubber gasket which is designed to allow the steam to stay in the pot.

    Why should you own a pressure cooker?

    A pressure cooker is widely used nowadays as it contributes to saving people┬’s time and efforts. Besides that, it cuts energy use for cooking so that it is a cost-effective solution for modern households. Most importantly, the food made using a pressure cooker retains more vitamins than using other types of kitchen appliances.

    Top rated pressure cookers are defined as ones that contribute to saving time, cost, energy and environment, and are durable for use in a long time.

    1. Cook faster (For time-saving)

    Having said that, a pressure cooker is best used for things or dishes that typically require a long time to cook. For example, it might take you approximately four hours to make homemade chicken stock. However, if you have a pressure cooker in your house, you can make that in just only an hour.

    2. For energy-saving

    Why can we say that a pressure cooker saves energy? This is because it cuts energy by up to 70% by reducing cooking duration. In fact, a pressure cooker can work four times faster compared to when you use another kitchen appliance. By far, it reduces carbon emissions released into the air and protects our environment. Meanwhile, the food quality is still being served perfectly on your table.

    3. For cost-effective

    What is the best pressure cooker for a cost-effective solution? My answer is, all of the pressure cookers are. It costs you from $60 to $250 for owning one, which is an affordable price. Thinking in a bigger picture, a pressure cooker will help you to save money in the long-run. You can “use more, pay less” – the more you use a pressure cooker, the less amount of money you pay for the electric bills.

    4. For healthier and nutritious meals

    Pressure cooking means a type of cooking that requires less water to cook. Therefore, the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition in food are always at a higher standard. If you are on a diet plan, a good pressure cooker can truly be your best friend.

    5. Less cleaning after cooking

    Pressure cookers have lids that prevent any spatters from escaping the pot while cooking. When you have completed the task, the only thing you have to wash is the pot.

    Tips to choose the best pressure cooker on the market
    • Depending on your actual needs, you can choose either an electric pressure cooker, or a stovetop one. Keep in mind that the highest rated pressure cooker on the market won┬’t do much if you are unsure of what you want.
    • You can choose a pressure cooker based on the size and its liquid capacity.

    - Under 5 liters: ideal for singles or couples

    - 5-7 liters: ideal to cook for no more than 5 persons

    - 7.5-10 liters: ideal to cook for families with more than 6 persons

    - Over 10 liters: can be used to cook for more than 15 persons at a time and even ideal for catering purposes

    • Consider the pressure cooker brands such as Instant Pot, Presto, T-fal, Mealthy as they are well-known for producing this type of kitchen appliance. Some of the modern models can even connect with a mobile device through a Wifi network.
    • Size: you can decide and choose the right size based on checking how much food you would make at a time, and how large your kitchen is (to store it without any inconvenience).
    • You can have research on the best pressure cooker reviews via the company┬’s website, and other buyers┬’ reviews on blog posts before deciding to pick the best pressure cooker on the market.
    • Pressure is measured by pounds per square inch (or PSI). If the PSI is high (around 13-15), the dishes are likely to be cooked quicker.
    • If you would prefer a stovetop pressure cooker, let┬’s choose the one made of stainless steel. Even though it might be heavier, it is more durable and long-lasting in use.
    • Consider the budget for a pressure cooker, as well as its accessories. If any of the parts need to be replaced, take a rubber gasket as an example, make sure the replaced one is fixed, affordable, and work well with your current pressure cooker.

    Final words:

    There are many advantages that a pressure cooker could bring to life. No matter what type, which size and brand you buy, you can value most from having one for healthier and more nutritious meals. If you have more experiences to share about your pressure cooker, feel free to leave your reply in the comment section below.
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    Is lockdown making you bored.....such that you have to find a way to needlessly complicate a fairly simple setup merely to waste time and effort.


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      seems a lot easier to spin a small bobbin than a 5lb+ spool of wire


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        Yeah, no one approaches winding this way because it's inefficient.

        There are machine/automated winders that ensure a "level wind", but perfect winds don't always result in the most sonically interesting product. It's fine if you're trying to manage tolerances at production-level, but there's also a reason why "handwound" and "scatterwound" type products are so popular.