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Double Neck Jazzmaster Wiring

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  • Double Neck Jazzmaster Wiring

    Hello Everyone!
    So this is my first post to the forum. A couple months ago, I finished up a from scratch build of a replica of Troy Van Leeuwen's doubleneck Jazzmaster. From what I understand, it features a master volume and tone, a 4-way rotary for series/parallel, and some sort of 3-way toggle for neck selection.

    Now, I've tried multiple switches on both pickup and neck selection.

    My first try was this diagram. The only time it actually worked was on the 12 string neck, but the 6 string bridge pickup was always on. All the other positions on either neck would cycle bridge, parallel, bridge, parallel. I used a three pole, 4 position rotary switch, and a DiMarco 12-conductor super switch. Second try I tried a 2 pole 4 pos rotary, and finally I gave up on the series/parallel, and I now have two switchcraft doubleneck selectors (three position, 8-9 pole) and still having trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated