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why are some so neurotic about pickups?

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    Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

    I say,

    good pups are like a good mike for a singer.

    you wouldnt use a 30$ mike for a show with 300 people (unless you can't help it or you can get away with it)

    you would not use a sure sm-58 for recording vocals for a major label production (studio mikes cost over $1000 and sound great)

    same with a good guitar and good pups...


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      Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

      Originally posted by motorhead
      That's why you have to be very carefull as to whose advice you follow ... somebody with inventory or somebody with lots of experience with a certain PU. I don't care for sizzle ... I like steak.
      That's for sure. The person who inspired this thread has tons of posts between here and the LPF singing the praises of the C5 in a Les Paul - then he actually put one in and now its the BBQ, I mean Custom...I just stopped reading his posts.
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        Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

        Some people would rather just talk about pickups and gear than actually play their guitars and listen for themselves. I think they're just insecure and need the validity of others before they try certain things.....just my opinion.


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          Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

          Missing the big picture here ....

          If you can't or won't change your own PUs then it's a big deal buying PUs. If you change PUs in your sleep then you do like me and buy a different set every month.
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            Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

            Originally posted by RG 2570
            I read through as many pages and threads as i could since i am just learning about pups, and it seems some are downright NUTS!
            I mean i know what i want in a tone, and i know it is only logical to ask some questions about getting that tone,but doesnt it make sense to just BUY A PUP to hear it after asking as many questions as a guy like papersoul,or who ever?
            I mean how much can you say about the duncan custom
            Guitar players in general are a unique or eccentric group of people in that they will always search,tweak,and buy for anything that gives them better tone..Bass players are funny...They find the bass they like and they're happy..Guitar players will swap pickups,tweak pickup heights,exchange magnets,try different strings,different picks,cables,pedals,amps..on and on because we are a strange and intriqued group of people..I wouldn't call it neurotic but it also isn't normal! For me it is fun because as much as I enjoy just playing,the tweaks can be just as fun and I get to learn along the way..

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              Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

              An important thing that some people tend to forget is that your "tone" comes from EVERYTHING. Your Knowledge, You hands, your pick, your pick attack, your guitar, what wood, what strings, what tuners, what nut, what bridge, what pups, what pots, what caps, what wire, what jacks, what other electronics in your guitar to what guitar cable you use, to what pedals you use, to the amp you use, to the cab you use, to the speakers in the cab. The important thing is that your tone isn't just about pickups. If i were to pick up EVH's guitar, play and play it through his rig, i wouldn't sound anything like EVH. There would be a lot of paralles between the tone, but it wouldn't sound the same.

              People recomend pups to be the easiest way to change your tone, simply because most people can hear a diffrence right away. Some people might not hear the diffrence that changing the tailpiece in a LP to a lightweight tailpiece makes.
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                Re: why are some so neurotic about pickups?

                Originally posted by Lee_M.
                Perhaps you haven't heard the difference between an original '59 PAF and a Gibson 500T. If you had, you'd see how amazing tone can be by changing one of the simplest parts. Nonetheless, I'm not sure why I'm even responding. I'm sure the point of this thread was to solicit an angry response.

                So, for all the other dedicated Forum members who enjoy discussing pickups, please adhere to the following:

                you better re-read my post buddy,i never was saying anything to get a angry response,till now!
                I was trying to say that it is plain STUPID to ask the same questions over and over about the SAME pup!
                I mean how many times can you describe the custom or what pup for the early VH tone
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