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JB with an alnico 2 magnet??

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  • JB with an alnico 2 magnet??

    just curious has anybody tried the combination????

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    Re: JB with an alnico 2 magnet??

    Originally posted by fenderiarhs
    just curious has anybody tried the combination????
    I haven't but normally my experiences with changing from A5 to A2 is like this..

    A2....Slightly more mids from the pickup
    Slight loss in overall pickup tightness
    Less highs and the loss of tightness in the bass
    Looser feel and vibe from the A2 magnet

    I Like both magnets but it depends on the pickup and the application?Do a search as I Know there are some folks that have done the change to their JB.

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      Re: JB with an alnico 2 magnet??

      Scott's got a good review on his website.
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        Re: JB with an alnico 2 magnet??

        yes, i used a JB with an A2 a long time ago. with heavy distortion, the leads were very smooth and long sustaining. HOWEVER, it was too soft and fluffy all around for me. the low 5th chords were NOT very well defined.
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