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solder 3 lil hums as before?

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  • solder 3 lil hums as before?

    hi i got a strat with SSH.

    is it the same to solder 3 lil hums into it?

    cause those red and white (of each lil-hum) cables are soldered together anyway,
    so the rest is to the switch and the ground ( as my SSH i guess).

    and 1 more question :
    what efffect gives us by solder red and white together?
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    Re: solder 3 lil hums as before?

    You would put them in as normal singles, black to hot and greena nd shield to ground. The red and white are soldered together so that the pickup will be in series humbucking mode, i.e., both coils in the pickup are working.
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