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a delicate matter regarding a p'up

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  • a delicate matter regarding a p'up

    i got a fender
    (made in mexico) stratocaster with stock p'ups, but i'd like to have a warm sound, with lots of harmonics and a good sound on overdrive (high gain and high sustain i mean), cause i'd like to play blues and jazz (so i'm searchin for a warm sound, but VERY warm) and to rock hard when my mind goes crazy(using stuff like tapping,tremolo-dives and so on)...
    However, i'd like to use a push-pull pot to split the p'up for having a rocking and warming sound from the h'bucker and a thick, clean sound from the single coil...
    forgive for any technical or language-regarding mistakes...


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    Re: a delicate matter regarding a p'up

    damn...i forgot a question that perhaps is evident... however, i'd like to have suggestions on what kind of p'up to buy, possibly a single coil sized one.. thanks and sorry for the incomplete header mind has just gone crazy..c'mon, it's 01:00 am.... understand me...and forgive me...
    thanks from now for all the suggestions..(that i hope will be written...)


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      Re: a delicate matter regarding a p'up

      For the Bridge IŽd go with a JBJr. The Hotrails is warmer and higher output, but the JBJr Splits better IMO. Although the Lil Hummies all sound thin to my ears when split. For me, the JBJr was the ideal Strat bridge pickup in a single coil formfactor, really loved it.

      I found the JBJr somewhere between the Fullsize JB and the Distortion tonally. But with a distinct "snap" that gave it more of a single coil character. But it wasnt as "loose" on the bottom as the JB, or as aggressive on the upper end as the distortion. Unfortunately, I never A/Bd them in the same axe, the fullsize JB and distortion (both trembuckers, btw) I used about 5 years ago in another, otherwise identical strat (Alder, Maple/Rosewood neck and vintage trem with folded steel saddles and a brass sustain block). But I also used a different amp back then, so that may also have had something to do with it.

      Therefore, your mileage my vary
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