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New wiring idea with 59/JB

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  • New wiring idea with 59/JB

    Hi everyone

    At the first time I had the 59/Jb combo in my guitar and i just loved it. But, with time my tasted evolved to cleaner sounds so the JB started to sound harsh and distorted.

    To solve this i came up with this idea. I set the JB in single coil mode and I lowered the 59 to mach the new output. The result was great!! The JB sounds very twangy and clear in sigle coil mode. But the real surprise was with the middle position, it had a lot of "quack" and clearness. I never really liked the middle position before i changed the JB to dingle coil mode but now it is almost my favorite.

    Were I live there isn't much oportunities to resale a pickup, so you have to come with triky ideas.

    Does anybody had tried anything like this?

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    Re: New wiring idea with 59/JB

    Innovation, and experimentation, that results in tone nirvana is what its all about.

    Glad to hear you found something that hit its mark. Sounds like it worth trying.


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      Re: New wiring idea with 59/JB

      i agree about the quack when you go to middle position........if its possible, make the 59 switchable to single coil mode, put both JB and 59 into single coil mode, and your middle position will have MORE least thats how it it in my guitar

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        Re: New wiring idea with 59/JB

        I did that with a Jazz and a JB, awesome tone. I just recently sold the guitar I did that too also.