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Hum Bucker in a Single-Coil Slot?

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  • Hum Bucker in a Single-Coil Slot?

    Hey again all

    Just posted another thread asking about pickup selection, and have one more question:

    In a HSH configuration, is anything gained by using a humbucking pickup (like one of the minis) in place of a standard pickup in the middle position? Is there a way to simplify the installation when using 2 H and a mini-H, 5-way switch, 1 tone and 1 volume?

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    Re: Hum Bucker in a Single-Coil Slot?

    As long as you don't need anything fancy, like coil splitting, three pickups can always be wired up like a basic Strat. Doesn't matter what those pickups are. You ground all the grounds, and bring the three "hot" wires to the 5-way.

    Could be SSS, HSS, HSH, HHH . . . anything. They all wire the same.


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      Re: Hum Bucker in a Single-Coil Slot?

      yup, you gain an "all quiet" guitar

      i have a duck between a C5 and 59 and the tone is sweet ... for my needs, a VR would be even better ...

      its all a matter of choice ... the tonal varieties available are worth considering and exploring ... if you know what you'll be using the middle pickup for, you can better choose if a mini humbucker or a trad single coil will get your job done ...

      good luck
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